Better healthcare, guaranteed.

60,000 patients have benefited from the healthcare promise. 98% are 'very' or 'extremely' satisfied with the specialist medical advice and support they have received.

Based on patient interviews by the Alliance Surgical Group between 2007-2013.
Alliance Surgical Group owns the service.

Join our healthcare family. It's the medical peace of mind you're looking for - for just £29 a month.

Wide range of member benefits

Everyone welcome.

No medical questionnaire when you join. All ages, lifestyles and previous medical conditions welcome. The only rule is that you must be resident in the UK.

No waiting for your GP.

Bypass the normal frustrations and delays of getting referred by your GP. Just talk directly to one of our Consultant Triage team. Also, no private medical insurance rules or administration.

Instant peace of mind.

Talk with our Consultant Triage team and they will ensure you see a leading UK specialist for your condition within 5 days, guaranteed. One free consultancy visit is included in your membership each year. If you have a Couples or Extended Families membership you are entitled to two free consultancy appointments.

Better chance of a good recovery.

It's a fact. Rapid, informed diagnosis by the most qualified specialist significantly increases your chances of a good recovery. This is a key benefit of our service.

Hand-holding through to recovery. is responsible for your medical welfare from diagnosis through to full recovery. We arrange all tests, procedures and treatments to ensure your complete peace of mind.

The best consultants across the UK.

Access over 1,200 of the UK's most eminent medical consultants covering all key medical disciplines. UK wide coverage. All consultants are peer recommended, practicing in the NHS as well as privately, often also leading research in their respective fields.

Fast-track to free treatment on the NHS. Only the best facilities.

Whether its an operation or courses of special treatment (e.g. chemotherapy) organises everything for you. If the treatments are available on the NHS (and most are), you pay nothing. We use the consultancy network and our intimate understanding of the NHS system to help secure treatment for you as quickly as possible. We are not restricted by a hospital network. The quality of care is always our priority.

Benefit even when there's nothing wrong with you.

If you enjoy good health and don't need to use your membership one year, your membership fee does not go to waste. If unused, 40% of your fee is converted into healthcare credits, which you can use to pay for extra consultancy visits or even private treatment if you need or want it in the future. If you have a Couples or Families membership you can also share visits and credits between you.

The most welcome innovation in healthcare since the creation of the NHS 65 years ago. We urge everyone to join and benefit, and to tell their family and friends.

the Medical Directorate, our clinical governing body

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