A new healthcare scheme that guarantees medical peace of mind.

Instant appointments with top medical specialists and a fast-track to the best NHS treatment available, guaranteed.

route 1

Frustrated by this?

I'm unwell and I want to see a top specialist immediately - and I don't want to wait for my GP to refer me.

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route 2

Anxious about this?

I worry that my GP won't refer me to the best specialist consultant first time which could slow my recovery.

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route 3

Resigned to this?

We love the reassurance of private medical insurance but have accepted that we simply can't afford it.

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route 4

Concerned about this?

I have a previous medical condition which insurers won't cover. How will I get treatment for this in the future?

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  • Only the best UK consultants
  • All key medical specialities
  • Previous conditions welcome
  • No medical questionnaire to join

How it works - 3 rapid steps to peace of mind.

The most welcome innovation in healthcare since the creation of the NHS 65 years ago. We urge everyone to join and benefit, and to tell their family and friends.

the as.one Medical Directorate, our clinical governing body

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