We are a healthcare membership scheme that provides medical peace of mind fast - guaranteed.

Faster, more informed diagnosis

We are a collective of the UK’s most senior, influential medical specialists with a common goal to improve the speed and quality of patient diagnosis and to ensure patients receive the best NHS treatment available as quickly as possible. Our top specialists consult in the NHS and privately. Many lead research in their respective medical fields.

Proven success - over 60,000 patient cases

Launched in 2013, as.one is owned by The Alliance Surgical Group, a leading UK healthcare provider and a Sunday Times Fastest Growing Company (2010). The Group has successfully handled over 60,000 patient cases achieving exceptional patient feedback over 8 years of operation. The Alliance Surgical Group model has been the blueprint for the as.one service.

Affordable and open to all

As medical professionals our mission is to deliver better healthcare to as many people as possible - this is why membership has been made affordable, from just £12 a month. All ages and previous medical conditions are welcome and, unlike private medical insurance, there is no medical questionnaire when patients join.

So much cheaper than medical insurance – but how?

Our membership fee is all about fast, privileged access to advice and treatment, not the cost of treatment itself. The latter, if you need it, is covered by the NHS. Private medical insurers have a different model. They do have to cover the cost of treatment if you claim. This is why you are required to complete a medical questionnaire before they calculate your premium. The higher your health risk, the more they charge.

Fair and ethical – we are exercising your right to better healthcare

Is our guarantee to fast-track patients to the best NHS treatment ‘queue-jumping’ and unfair on other NHS patients? Absolutely not. Right now, you are entitled to shop around for the best NHS secondary care and your GP should do this for you. The problem is that most GP practices don’t have instant access to the top medical specialists in the country and they don’t know the NHS secondary care system like we do. For a small membership fee we are exercising your right to shop around and guaranteeing the best possible outcome.

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The most welcome innovation in healthcare since the creation of the NHS 65 years ago. We urge everyone to join and benefit, and to tell their family and friends.

the as.one Medical Directorate, our clinical governing body

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