Your dream NHS, made a reality

An open letter to patients

From the Medical Directorate
our clinical governing body


If you value your medical peace of mind, please read on. We guarantee it's a minute well spent.

We're lucky to have the NHS.

Every day, thousands of highly qualified doctors and specialists provide an amazing range of quality healthcare to millions of people via the NHS. The NHS leads the world in many fields of medical research and education. We are part of this effort.

But what if your condition isn't an emergency?

The NHS is big and it's busy. If you have a condition that concerns you but it doesn't rank as a medical emergency, you'll struggle to get the attention you want as quickly as you'd like.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Two or three inconclusive visits to your GP
  • Waiting weeks to see a specialist
  • Further referrals because you weren't referred to the right specialist to start with
  • More waiting for tests or an operation

Even if you have private medical insurance, you have to go through your GP to see a specialist. As a result, you might experience delays, which could cause frustration.

Introducing a service that gets you in front of the best specialist consultant in 5 days, guaranteed.

Waiting as long as 8 weeks to see a specialist - and then seeing the wrong one, or someone too junior to advise - isn't acceptable. Delays in treatment can cause a worsening of your condition and can compromise a full recovery.

Our service offers every UK citizen instant access to more than 1,200 of the country's most senior medical specialists. This, plus an informed, fast track route to the best free treatment on the NHS.

Our service doesn't compete with the NHS – it works alongside it.

Our aim is to ensure patients are diagnosed right first time privately, and then enter the NHS with a clear, informed treatment plan. One free private consultation is included in the membership each year. Our approach actually helps the NHS by reducing pressure on its resources. Less time-wasting visits to GPs. No inefficient referrals to the wrong specialist. No misdiagnosis and drawn out care costs.

And when it comes to NHS treatment, we're not about queue-jumping. We're about using our intimate knowledge of the NHS to secure the shortest waiting times - and they do exist, you just need to know where to look.

Peace of mind. A small monthly fee of £29 increases the speed and quality of your care.

We offer fast, informed diagnosis. Our Consultant Triage team will instantly refer you to any one of the 1,200 leading specialists in the community, and within days they will provide rapid diagnosis and a clear treatment plan. If the treatment you need is covered on the NHS we will make sure you receive this treatment as quickly as possible, at no cost to you.

Flexible. Benefit even when there's nothing wrong with you.

If you enjoy good health and don't need to use your membership one year, your membership fee does not go to waste. If unused, 40% of your fee is converted into healthcare credits, which you can use to pay for extra consultancy visits, or even private treatment, if you need or want it in the future. If you have a Couples or Families membership you can also share visits and credits between yourselves.

Over 60,000 people are already benefiting from this service, and 98% are delighted.

This is a revolution in healthcare and 60,000 patients are already benefiting.

We urge you to take a closer look at how it works and how much it costs and read our member stories. You'll quickly see that the service has been a godsend for people just like you who have needed quality care quickly and who value medical peace of mind.

Please get your copy of our free Better healthcare, guaranteed introduction pack today and start benefiting as a member as soon as possible.

Better healthcare, guaranteed

  • Everyone welcome. All ages and previous conditions accepted. No medical questionnaire.
  • No waiting for your GP. Instant medical assessment by our Consultant Triage team.
  • Seek immediate peace of mind. Be offered an appointment with a well-regarded UK specialist and seen within 5 days as standard.
  • Better helping you on your recovery journey. Rapid, informed diagnosis by the most qualified specialist, guaranteed.
  • Top consultants near you. Access over 1,200 of the UK's most eminent medical consultants covering all key medical disciplines.
  • Hand-holding support. will look after you through to full recovery.
  • Fast-track to treatment on the NHS. Timely access to the best NHS facilities. We are not restricted by a hospital network.
  • Flexible membership. Share unused consultancy appointments with family or convert into credits for treatments at the end of the year.

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